Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

At Whole Body Psychiatry, we work to evaluate and relieve both the mental and emotional symptoms of psychiatric illness in patients with a wide range of complex medical diseases.

The Mind-Body Connection

How you feel mentally and emotionally can affect the way you feel physically, and vice versa.

This not only explains the high comorbidity of psychiatric and medical illnesses, but also the negative impact that mental health issues can have on someone’s quality of life and even the outcome of their medical illnesses.

Essentially, the way that you feel, the things you believe, and your thoughts and attitudes about yourself and the world around you can affect how healthy your body is.

What is Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry?

Consultation-Liaison (C-L) psychiatry, which is also known as psychosomatic medicine, involves the holistic care of patients who have coexisting medical and psychiatric conditions.

In other words, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists help people with both mental and physical illnesses and serve as a link between the two.

For example, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry clinicians might work with patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, postpartum depression, or fibromyalgia, among many other psychiatric disorders that are comorbid with medical illness.

A big part of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry is integrative care – or taking at whatever mental, emotional, and physical issues you may have as a whole. If you are looking for help in managing complex medical diagnoses and the mental and emotional strain that they can cause, consider reaching out. We can help.

Consultation Plans

A Full 60-Minute Conversation

This is a tele-psychiatry appointment with Dr. Brandon to discuss in-depth your medical and psychiatric history and to brainstorm about diagnoses and treatment options.

Written Consultation

Dr. Brandon provides a written consultation for you and your medical team to consider as next steps and better understanding of your current condition and needs.

Invitation to Follow Up

Once you’ve completed a consultation, although you won’t be a patient in treatment with Dr. Brandon, you are able to reach out and request consideration of services in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No, Dr. Brandon is fee for service, meaning no types of insurance are accepted including Medicare and Medicaid.

How long is the session?

Initial intake sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and follow up sessions are typically 45 minutes long.


What is your cancellation policy?

To allow for all patients to be seen when needed, there is a strict 3 business day cancellation policy. For a missed appointment, the full fee is charged.

What is a consultation with Dr. Brandon?

Consultation without follow up care
This is a consultation session either in person or virtual with Dr. Brandon to discuss in-depth your medical and psychiatric history and to brainstorm about diagnoses and treatment options. Following this appointment a full written treatment plan will be provided to you and your treating physician. No medications are prescribed and there is no continuation of care. At the end of this appointment, Dr. Brandon is not your treatment provider.